Wednesday, 25 January 2017

An old friend - Stenocranus minutus

I last saw this species in 2015 when I swept it from the grass at Cullaloe and chewed over whether it might be the 2nd record for Scotland (link). It might have been. No idea! Another square has appeared on NBN apparently since then. I'd place a small bet on Caledonian Conservation or Buglife as the source but I can check later. (score - Buglife, between Kelvin art gallery and the river Kelvin in Glasgow)

I wondered then, as I do now, whether it was limited in records by an early calendar appearance and it's certainly early. It seems like the sort of grassland species that would more or less breed continuously, but maybe it isn't.

It has these fantastically stripey legs, thus:

 But what I most love about this bug is that when you take it as a portrait it is a very convincing hide-behind-the-couch Dr.Who alien overlord wannabee

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