Wednesday, 25 January 2017

A new springtail for Scotland - Entomobrya rabbiburnsochayethenooensis

Having thought I'd found the springtail Entomobrya nivalis the other day I discovered that the Hopkin's key didn't go far enough. This is because Hopkin lumped species, not believing them to be separate.On that point I have great sympathy, but I have no idea on molecular work that may have been done since (spose I ought to find out really...)

Three days later I actually found E.nivalis (s.s.) and today discovered that the recording scheme has no prior knowledge of any E.intermedia in Scotland. Hoorah! It extends the range north for the species only by a few 10s of miles.

Here are the two side by side to compare abdominal patterns

E.intermedia - bold but unconnected bar at bottom of "U"

E.nivalis - two "golf tees", no bridge, bottom bar faint
Further info: link

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